Dailymotion is the video marketing platform which is gaining ground on the all-mighty YouTube: Over 3.5 billion views per month is nothing to ignore! While it has a long way to go before it can ever truly even knock on YouTube’s door, it is still a great place to get more views of your video marketing content. That’s why getting Dailymotion views is becoming a key aspect of many video marketers plans!


This article is going to start you working on strategies to get Dailymotion views now, while everyone else is too focused on the …other… video marketing platform! We’ll look at branding, embedding, and a social strategy.


Get more Dailymotion views for your videos and channel

Given Dailymotion’s niche market, you too will need to come up with a niche video channel. This is true of every online video marketing platform: People tune in because they know they’re going to get a consistent type of video. Randomness never wins.

Let’s start looking at this by looking at the third most followed account on Dailymotion: IGN. Specifically, let’s look at their video page:

If you can’t spot the pattern, it’s that IGN only covers video games on their Dailymotion channel. This differs from their website which features a much more eclectic mix of Sci-Tech, entertainment, and anime.

With video game reviews, and ‘Let’s Play’ style gaming like PewDiePie gives us, being so incredibly popular online it was a no-brainer decision for IGN to make this their focus. Playing to your greatest strength is always a wise decision.

If you’re wondering why it’s so important to have a focus, you have to understand audiences online. Yes, you can buy some Dailymotion views from us and you’ll certainly get a few people’s attention thanks to it, but to keep them coming back you’ll have to keep on giving them the content they want, when they want it. Creating an identity, an online persona, a brand, is the most important thing you’ll do.


Use embeds to share your website’s SEO

With Dailymotion receiving just a fraction of the traffic YouTube has, you need to get your videos out there yourself. You can not rely on Dailymotion itself sending you traffic, nor can you rely on search engines. This is especially the case with all the rumours swirling that Google prefers to show YouTube, the company they own, videos in search results over Dailymotion.

The first thing you need to do to get more Dailymotion views is to have a plan for where you’re going to embed the video. You’ll typically want to put on a webpage on your site, or a blog post. This helps you take advantage of the SEO behind your website to get more views.

Embedding a video is usually very simple. For WordPress, simply copy the URL for the video, paste in on a line all its own, don’t hyperlink, and WordPress magic takes care of the rest. It will look like this when done properly:

You will not have to rely on the lower traffic of Dailymotion alone to get more views. You will now also get them through your website’s SEO. Be sure to feature a link back to your Dailymotion channel which encourages people to follow you.


Social media followers can double as Dailymotion followers

You can think of your social media followers as extensions of your Dailymotion followers. Your Twitter followers may not count towards your Dailmotion follower count, but they will still get you more Dailymotion views with each share.

To wrap webpage embeds and social sharing up into one neat package, let’s look at IGN again. The following tweet contains a screenshot from one of their videos. The link goes to a webpage where they have embedded two videos:

They will get more Dailymotion views on both videos all thanks to this one tweet. Unfortunately, you can’t embed videos for people to watch right in Twitter. This is why it’s important to have a strategy to embed videos right on your website. Most of the time your end goal is to get people to your website anyway, send them right there.

The same embedding weakness goes for all social channels. You have to be aware of this problem as you will not be able to get people to watch the video right on the social channel, like you can with YouTube videos on Facebook. Be sure to let your fans know that they’re going to be linked out.


Working hard to get more Dailymotion views

The three main points above are the keys to your Dailymotion goals:

  • Properly branding your channel.
  • Having an embed plan for your website
  • Using social media as an extension of your Daliymotion followers.

These are the primary ways you’re going get more Dailymotion views. Social media is going to be huge for you, and it’s a big reason why we highly recommend adding a Social Promotion package to your views. Every follower your video comes into contact with over social media is another potential view, another potential follower, and another potential share.

For anyone out there who thinks that Dailymotion videos never get many views, think again. Here are some pics of the all-time most viewed Dailymotion videos. The top one has had over 494 million views!

Your quest to get into the hundreds of millions of views will be a long one, but with our helpful views service, and some smart branding along with sound sharing, you will watch your view numbers climb!


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