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    Male grooming industry is showing a double digit growth and is expected to continue to grow in the coming decade. One of the most essential and basic requirements for men are a razor and blades that can completely change the personality. It is important for men to maintain a clean shave in order to look sharp and smart. A lot of men have raised concerns about the high prices of razors and blades. Research shows that the cost of manufacture of razor blades is minimal, yet they are sold at three times the price.

    This blog article Gillette blades will give an insight into the high cost of razors.  Earlier, there were three blades that were in a rage which has now become four and also five. More blades mean a better shave and since the blades are extremely thin, they are ideal for a closer shave. More blades mean better comfort and a cleaner shave. It is a well-known fact that the price of Gillette blades are quite high as compared to other brands if the cost of manufacture is the same for all brands, why does Gillette sell at this price?

    Firstly, it spends a huge sum on advertising and marketing. This means consumers are basically paying for their marketing expenses. Second, Gillette has carved a niche for itself in the market and has gained a monopoly. Whatever price they charge, consumers will be willing to pay. Third, there are not many alternative options available in the market unless you use disposable razors which are not very convenient. Thus, Gillette can manage to sell its razors and blades at a high price and the consumers will be paying for the same because they do not have an option. Their actual cost of production is quite less compared to the selling price, which means they make a huge profit on their products.

    There is an ideal alternative which allows you to save your hard-earned money, get the best shave and put an end to the errands. Bearded Colonel offers high-quality blades that are made for the best use. The blades are sold at a reasonable rate, which is much lower than their cost of production and they will deliver the blades at your doorstep. The amount you pay for the blades also covers the cost of shipping. They have a subscription offer where you can subscribe for regular delivery of the blades without having to visit the store. You no longer need to use the old razor as they will ensure you receive your products from time to time. Save your time and get a close shave effortlessly.

    You do not need to pay a huge sum in order to get a clean shave; these razors and blades are high in quality and promise excellent results. They will ensure that you remain at the top of men’s fashion industry and look exceptional at all times. Opt for high-quality blades available at an affordable rate and delivered to your doorstep.



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