Top Tips To Print SMS From iPhone


    Is there a way to download your text messages from your phone to your Mac computer so you can print them? How to print text messages from iPhone?

    No matter what the intention, when you need to print SMS from iPhone, there is always a way. The simplest and easiest way is usually to take a screenshot of your iPhone and send it to a printer compatible with wireless iOS. But if you need the full message list, you certainly cannot meet your demands, for a reason, that screenshot only shows a snippet of message conversion. To print SMS or full-text messages and conversion from the iPhone, it is best to export all of them from the iPhone to the computer, and after you print them.

    Sometimes you are facing a situation where you would like a printed copy of your text messages to discuss in detail the issue with their elders or other officials. Generally, you go blank when told to print messages and looks for the easiest and safest way to do it. Easy Print SMS from Android app is the solution of your printing SMS messages.

    Print SMS from iPhone In Steps

    Step 1: Connect the iPhone to the computer

    Just after running the program on your PC, connect your iPhone to it, and so you will receive the main user interface below.

    When you get to this window, you have to download a plug-in before the exam. Just click the “Download” button to do so.

    Step 2: Analyze your iPhone to get text messages

    Next, you need to enter iPhone 4 / 3GS ‘scan mode before you take the text messages on it. Follow the following:

    1. Hold your iPhone and click “Start.”
    2. Hold the Home Power Buttons and at the same time for exactly 10 seconds.
    3. Release the power button and hold the Start button for another 15 seconds.

    When you entered the scan mode, release the Start button. At the same time, the program will scan your iPhone for data on it.

    If you use the iPhone, you do not have to enter DFU mode, click directly on “Start Scan” to start the iPhone exploration.

    Step 3: Save your iPhone text messages to your computer

    After the test, you will get the list of contents shown below. Select the category “Messages.” It is possible to preview before burning to your computer. To save them, click “Recover” and choose a place on your PC. That’s fine.

    Step 4: Print SMS From iPhone

    Your text messages are saved as an HTML file. Now you can connect your computer to a printer, or a copy of your SMS file to a laptop that connects to a printer, to make an impression.

    Note: If you are careful, you should note that there is certainly another option at the top of the leading window: Recover from iTunes backup file. It is a tool that can help extract the iTunes backup file and save the contents of your computer so that you can preview or print your iTunes backup files for your iPhone, etc. You may also get a chance.

    Easy SMS Reader For PC aptitude sync and transfer data between your personal computer and mobile phone is something which is priceless and will be convenient at any given point in time. This may enable your cell phone to act as a normal flash drive. Here, you’ll be able to view the backup data. Be sure that you have installed Easy print text messages from iPhone app for in order that you’re going to be ready to move SMS files to and from your cell phone.

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