Why a Breast Reduction Surgery in Atlanta is a Good Decision


If you find yourself dissatisfied with your breasts appearing disproportionately large, causing a number of problems physically such as backaches, neck pain, numbness in the hand fingers and skin irritation, you should know that you could benefit from a breast reduction in Atlanta surgical procedure.

Keep in mind that every woman is different and each one have different bosom in terms of size and shape. While some women have aesthetically pleasing, normal appearing breasts, others have extremely large ones, slightly larger, or small, varying in their appearance. At such times, regardless of the kind of abnormality you have, a breast surgery may be the right solution for you.

Breast Reduction

Keep in mind that heavy and overly large breasts can cause psychological distress and physical discomfort. Often, the physical complaints that people have are shoulder pain, upper backache, poor posture, neck pain, and rashes underneath the breasts.

Although breast reduction is not as common as breast augmentation procedures, where candidates wish to increase the size of their breasts, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, about 96,000 women underwent procedures to increase their breast size in the year 2011.

Although having large breasts may be a pleasant thought for most women, thousands hate it mainly because they suffer from shoulder and neck pain. For such problems, a breast reduction surgery can help to give women a better-contoured breast shape.

All about Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction is a surgical procedure aimed at reducing the size of the breasts by taking away glandular excess tissue, skin, and fat. In some rare cases, the operation is possible through liposuction, when the fat sucks away from the body through a small hand-held device that appears as a vacuum cleaner. However, this could only occur when the breasts are largely due to excess fat build up and no need for excess skin removal.

Although there are different techniques that Crispin Plastic Surgery experts employ, the most common breast reduction surgery involves making anchor or T-shaped incisions outside the nipple, around the areola, down towards the crease, between the abdomen and breast and finally underneath the breast horizontally.

Smaller shaped breasts may require vertical incisions, which often means that the bigger the breasts, the more the scarring. If you have exceedingly droopy or large breasts, your surgeon will have to remove the nipple and take away some of the skin of the breast tissue, raise the remaining part of the breast, and replace the nipples using a graft of your skin. This helps to position it higher so that it appears natural.

Keep in mind that the reduction surgery can last for about four hours, under general anesthesia. This time can also vary from patient to patient. The amount of fat taken out from each breast also differs and they are not always the same in their size.

Risks and Aftercare

Women who opt for this surgery must avoid strenuous activities or even indulge in heavy lifting for several weeks and they need to wear bras that come without underwires. Your board certified doctor will give you some painkillers before you leave the hospital and give you follow up appointments to ensure that the incisions heal well and they drain completely. It is advisable that you wait to have the surgery until you are older than 20 years, which gives your breasts enough time to develop fully.

If women consider this procedure, they should also abstain from the surgery until they have all the children they want and they must be well aware of the reduction mammoplasty surgery including how it can make breastfeeding difficult or even something impossible. Sometimes, surgeons argue that breast reduction surgery does not have any effect on breastfeeding, whereas others guarantee it does.

Most women who have pendulous breasts or drooping ones sometimes may opt for the breast lift, rather than reduction surgery, in which case excess removal of skin from around the tissues takes place to raise and tighten the breasts. This works well with breasts that are not too large, but it is recommendable if you wish to reduce the shape and resize it.

A Common Procedure Today

While the breast reduction surgery may seem like a scary one and a bit putting off, the majority of women feel happy with the results they achieve. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons also noted, “About 104,000 breast reduction procedures took place in the year 2006, and the results estimated to rise.”

Although women often mistake this procedure as a purely cosmetic one, the final goal is not just aesthetic. Women who went through and continue to opt for this surgery say they experience significantly less pain in their back, fewer headaches, less shoulder pain and significantly less numbness as well as pain in the breast.

It helps them to not be physiologically and aesthetically well, raise their self-esteem and boost their confidence. Women who have smaller bodies in proportion to the size of their breasts often gain the best results. Before you decide to go under the knife, it is best that you consult your surgeon.


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