Getting in to the Basics of HCG Hormones

The physical changes in a pregnant woman’s body are clearly visible hence they receive lots of attention. But, very few people give a consideration to the emotional changes that may be going on within her. Even the expecting mom herself is not able to figure out what’s happening to her mood and how may she control it.

Pregnancy is a life-changing experience for a woman especially if it’s her first time. The transition period from being a woman to being a mother brings a complex mixture of emotions. There are a lot of practical concerns in bringing a new baby to this world. And, the muddle of emotional extremes mixed with these practical concerns can bring the would-be-mother to a very disturbing mental state. If not handled well these can also put effects on her already existing relationships.

So, while preparing for a baby’s arrival mother’s overall health including the emotional help should be taken care of on a priority basis. Having an idea about the whole situation helps you to tackle the situation more intelligibly. Therefore we are here sharing about the pregnancy hormones and the resultant effects on the mood and body of a pregnant woman.

The Hormones That Play Important Roles in Pregnancy

There are myriads of hormones present in our body and most of them change their levels during pregnancy to help a new life to be formed. But, there are a few that goes to an extreme level in affecting a pregnant woman’s body. Let us see some examples.

  • The HCG hormones – This hormone is also called the announcer of pregnancy as the primary pregnancy test results are based on this hormone only. When a woman gets pregnant the HCG hormones starts skyrocketing with a rapid speed.
  • Estrogens – You already know the function of Estrogens in the normal human life cycle. But, its role completely alters during pregnancy. It helps the fetus in growing various organs and also starts hormone production for the fetus. It prepares mother’s breast for lactating in addition to controlling and playing with other pregnancy hormones.
  • Progesterone – It becomes one of the most prominent hormones during the pregnancy. Its major function is to adapt the mother’s body for taking care of the foreign DNA or the fetus.

HCG and weight lose

In the HCG diet plan, make use the hormone to shed improve metabolism while losing weight. The diet makes use of HCG shots, pills and drops in order to achieve the result.

Pregnancy Hormones on the Mother’s Body

The previous section tells you about the usability of the three major pregnancy hormones. They are all there for a good reason. In fact, every hormone that gets triggered during pregnancy has one or the other function to help the fetus grow into a full-blown human. But, each of them put a side effect on the mother’s body and her mood. In most of the cases, these changes start occurring during the sixth to the tenth week of pregnancy, slowing down during the second trimester and then again skyrocketing during the third trimester.

So, let us look at the side effects of pregnancy hormones on the mother.

  • Morning Sickness or Nausea – One of the most unpleasant side-effects of the HCG hormones is nausea. Although it can happen at any time of the day it is called morning sickness because the majority feels this in the morning time. As HCG is the first pregnancy hormone to be active its side effects too starts very early.
  • Mood Swings – The morning sickness often comes with the mood swing as its partner. The irritability and the mood swings can be attributed to the sudden flow of hormones in the body. The expecting mothers sometimes become elated with the feeling of being a mother. And, just the next moment she would go in a very sad state. She needs lots of emotional support during this time.
  • The need to pee very often – It feels really irritating to run to the toilet for peeing all the time when you are already feeling sick and lazy. But, thanks to the HCG that increases the blood flow to your pelvic area thus causing you the feel of going to pee all the time.
  • Increased vulnerability to every infection and sickness – You already know that the hormones prepare your body to accept the foreign DNA (that actually is your own baby). And, they do so by weakening your body’s immune power so that the body does not reject your baby. It only takes a small common sense to understand that weakened immune system means increased vulnerability towards every infections and sickness.
  • Anxiety – Needing to pee every half-hour, falling sick for no reason is a completely new experience for the would-be-mother. This pushes her into a vicious cycle of anxiety. She starts being worried about her and her baby’s health. She starts thinking whether she is not taking care of her baby like a good mother. And then things get mingled with fear and mood swings.
  • Sleepiness – As a side effect of progesterone, the would-be-mother always feels tired and sleepy. For some, it starts fading in the second trimester while for others it may continue further.
  • A heightened sense of smell – Estrogens increases the sense of smell way far than the normal level. This is the reason you find pregnant women always complaining about one or the other smell. They even leave some of their favorite foods because the smell becomes too much for them.
  • Constipation and cramps – Progesterone slows down the digestion process of a pregnant woman’s body so that the body can absorb every bit of nutrition from the food that enters the body. This is a logical thing to do because now the body has to give nutrition to the baby in addition to the mother. But, this logical step of progesterone causes problems like bloating, constipation and cramps for the mother.

Postpartum depression and concern about the body image too are major side-effects of pregnancy. The physical symptoms can be taken care of the medical professional but the resulting mental side-effects need to be taken care of the family especially the would-be-father. When the couples prepare together the journey of bringing a baby can go very smooth.


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