One major thing that a lot of moms, the brand new ones, in particular, are concerned or confused about most of the time is feeding. With advice and support from experts and professionals, however, they’d be able to figure out what the best possible baby food options are according to the baby’s age. But, there are also many other little matters that they often overlook. Sometimes, they wouldn’t even have an idea about some of the essentials in terms of equipment and important baby items. In addition to that, using a couple of handy tricks could make the job a lot easier.

Baby Nutrition: Is There Anything Other Than Breast Milk?
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Baby Food

Breast milk would be pretty much the only meal given to babies from newborns until they are up to a year old. According to professionals, breast milk provides the baby with a great many essential nutrients, and some of it could not be obtained from an alternate source. Hence, doctors’ advice that moms give appropriate amounts of breastfeeds to their babies, if possible, according to a certain pattern than demand. As they grow a little older or even way before that, when the mother ceases to produce milk much earlier than expected, for instance, they would have to look for alternate food options like baby formula and baby puree. The formula is usually a very close substitute for breast milk that comes in powdered form with all the essential minerals, vitamins and other nutritional components blended together. Baby puree, on the other hand, could be prepared at home from fresh fruit, or purchased at the store in packages and stored in the refrigerator for a couple of days.

Feeding Equipment

There are a couple of stuff that you’d need when it comes to feeding your baby, which you’d need to use long-term all the way until they’re grown enough to eat by themselves. A breast pump would be something to start with, that becomes a close friend of new moms. There are many cases where direct feeding could become impossible or very difficult for the mom, which is when they would start using a pump to take the milk out and feed it to the baby using a bottle. When you start using bottles regularly, perhaps after having given up breastfeed, you’d need a couple of other supporting items or equipment like sterilizers and soothers which are important components of the feeding scenario. After a couple more months, when the baby begins to teeth, you may transition to using feeding cups, bowls, and spoons which is when you could start giving your baby puree and blended food. It is also the stage when you’d need a high chair just to keep your baby is in one place, and there won’t be any wandering off and chasing to do. Using a high chair also lets the baby know that it is a strict place for eating, and so, it could be just about the start for laying a little foundation for discipline.

Feeding is a messy affair that is dreaded by all moms. If you want to make it easier or even possible for some, you need to master some of the tricks and make full use of those essential gadgets.


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