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Which Staircase Fits Your House?


You may not be silent, but your staircase will remain the rest of your life in most cases. You will have to watch it for a lot of years, so you better choose a beautiful copy that is complementary to the architecture and style of your home. What should you do when selecting your stairs? What are the best staircase companies? We were looking for that for you.

Rotating or straight

The board staircase

The floor plan of your home determines the shape of your stairs for a piece. In a compact single-family home you may not have enough room to adjust an open staircase. The shape is largely determined according to the available space. This way, the spiral staircase saves most space, but it is usually also the staircase with the narrowest steps. An open staircase is then magnificent in a large living but is not suitable for compact homes where it takes too much space.

Anyone Looking For A New Staircase Has The Choice Of The Following:

  • Straight staircase
  • Quarter turn
  • Double turntable
  • Board staircase (a stairway with an intermediate platform)
  • Spindle or spiral staircase
  • Dense staircase with z-steps

In Addition, You Can Choose Between The Different Types Of Stairs:

Solid staircase: The stairs are finished with a bulletin board (also called a draw). The staircase is so close and has the advantage that the space under the stairs can be used as storage or toilet.

Open staircase: This is a stairway without a push board so that you can look through the stairs. This makes the staircase lighter and often a lot more modern.

Z-staircase: At a staircase with Z-stairs, the steps are slanted instead of vertical. This not only gives a nice visual effect, but it is also safer.

Your architect or staircase companies can help you make the right choice regarding space, but also in accordance with the interior style you prefer.

Suitable Materials

The material determines the appearance of your staircase. For example, a metal staircase or a glass staircase is very tight. Not so suitable for a classic interior, unless it’s a spiral staircase. A polished concrete staircase nowadays very popular and fits seamlessly into a modern interior.

The aesthetics are by no means the only concern you have to make yourself with the choice of materials. Also, the maintenance, the ability to adjust the staircase and the price are important. Wood is a classic choice and has the advantage that it fits any style. In addition, there is a wooden staircase for every budget. The disadvantage of a wooden staircase is that it is scratch-sensitive and that the steps quickly wear out. But that also provides an advantage immediately. When it’s time for a maintenance turn, you can choose a dark (or lighter) lacquer. Or just go for a whole new color!

Steel or stainless steel has the advantage that it does not require maintenance. The material also lends itself to beautiful stairs with decorative elements. Just think of the cast iron stairs with beautiful details. However, steel or stainless steel does not fit in any interior style, feels cold and makes (much) noise.

Natural stone radiates luxury and elegance but requires some maintenance to keep quiet of the price tag.

Also, glass is a possibility and moreover perfect for dark spaces. Because glass is light-trans-missive, it allows for a better spread of the (day) light. The disadvantage is the scratch sensitivity of the material.

What Makes A Good Staircase?

Finally, there are some concerns and concerns. For example, space, where the staircase will be placed, must be perfectly measured. A staircase must be made up to 1 cm. In addition, it was generally determined that a trade should be at least 80 cm wide. Just add the balustrade to it, and you’ll soon get 90 cm wide.

Staircase Companies Best Option

Even if you’re so convenient, placing a staircase is a stalemate We are all crazy about a squeaky or creaky staircase. Professional Staircase companies knows, like no other, what you should take care to exclude any pissed or cracked but also provides a proper anchoring and finishing.

A good staircase also costs money. A cheap (do-it-yourself) staircase can already be found for about 500$. However, do you want a staircase tailored to your home? Then average prices start at around 3,000 dollars.

Research has shown that even half a centimeter difference in the height of action can cause you to stumble.

The Stair Company UK

There’s no commitment when you call The Stair Company UK. We offer a free measuring, consultation, and design service. You are a phone call away (0114 285 4994) from getting the center piece to your dream home.

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