Exactly How Many Calories are in Waffles?


Waffles is the tastiest food to have on each day, and nobody denies to have the taste of the most delicious creation of human so far, to share the most delicious plate of waffles to your loved one on the weekend morning is the most fabulous feeling you have ever got in your life. Yes! I can talk more and more about waffles. But you need to understand how much calories does a waffle contain?

In spite of having the divine pleasure while eating waffles made with the Best Waffle Maker, you must know how much calories it contains Unless you don’t want to see yourself with a huge belly and more body fats. Make sure not to eat waffles more often, or at least reduce it to certain weekends. Also, check out our list of Best Waffle Maker which you can purchase.


How many Calories are in Waffles made with the Best Waffle Maker, the answer is not simple.

Home Made Waffles.

Waffles of tons of different varieties depend upon there recipes. With the ingredients used in it and also your mood like which one you need to eat. So it is essential to know how many calories are in waffles.

The average calculated calories of plain homemade waffles are around 102, including buttermilk. However, it may vary from the quantity, but you need to know what calories does waffle contain?

One small size regular waffle made using the Best Waffle Maker contains the weight of 35 grams, which includes 3.3 grams of fats, 6 mg of cholesterol, 16.8 grams of carbs, 1.8 grams of sugar and 2.8 grams of proteins. A single waffle contains 10% of necessary sodium and 5% of carbs.

Well-balanced diet

In our daily diet, we consume a lot of carbohydrates and fats. You may suffer the most of the health problems absorbing this element in more excess. Like overweight, and most of the heart diseases and also cardiovascular issues, diabetes, and significant cholesterol levels.

it is not necessary to eliminate carbs and sugar from your daily foods, but you can replace it with tasty food to healthful foods.

Best Waffle Maker

Waffle with syrup and butter.

Simple and plain waffle purchase from restaurant contains 290 calories per piece. Which is again a too much for one waffle, and there is no problem when you want to eat only one, but no one could resist their feelings and stop at a single waffle, and that too with a plain waffle?

So for those people, there are many other low-fat recipes of making the waffle, Which will be more healthy for you too eat. The Eggo low-fat home styles waffle contains only 85 calories and the best ideal waffle to eat, and it is worth for your health.


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