Four cheapest yet best cars in India for first-time buyers

Every year, a wide range of cars are launched, adding more products to the already crowded automobile market of India. This fuels the competition, motivating the manufacturers to offer more for less.

Today, you don’t need to spend a fortune to buy a feature-packed car. A wide range of affordable cars, which are created keeping the needs of common men in mind, are available in the market. There could be no better time than today to get your own vehicle to make your commuting convenient and time-saving.

Here, we have listed a few low price cars in India, which do not only carry an affordable price tag but also has a low maintenance cost.


Datsun redi-Go

After the alliance between Nissan and Renault, the traditional compact Datsun redi-Go was launched in 2016. The car shares many features with the Renault kwid.

Available in five different variants, D, A, T, T (O) and S, the Datsun redi-Go is powered by a 799cc, three-cylinder engine that can provide a top speed of 140 km/h. Having a price tag of Rs. 2.38 lakh for the base model, it allows you to get a quality car that offers a great top speed.

Maruti Alto 800

The reincarnated version of the Maruti Alto 800 is one among the best selling cars in India. It is equipped with a 796cc, 3-cylinder powerplant that claims to deliver a maximum of 48PS power at 6000 rpm, and offers an impressive mileage of 24.7kmpl.

Overall, if you want to buy a car for your daily commuting needs that can keep your monthly expenses in check, you can go for the Alto 800. It comes with a price tag of 2.46 lakh which goes up to Rs. 3.72 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi). 


Renault Kwid

Renault Kwid, despite being one of the most affordable cars, comes with a great SUV-like design. Inside the hatchback, you will find ample legroom. A mileage of 25.17 km/l is provided by the 799 cc, 3 cylinder engine that powers the base variant. The car offers a ground clearance of 180nm which is best in class. The Kwid has a starting price of Rs 2.64 lakh.

Hyundai Eon

The entry-level hatch, Hyundai Eon is a nice affordable alternative to the Maruti Alto 800. The 5 seater car is equipped with efficient iRDE technology. The 814cc, 3 cylinder engine delivers an optimum power and provides a superior mileage of 21.1Km/l. If you are looking for a sporty-looking car for your family, the Hyundai Eon perfectly fits the bill. The Hyundai Eon’s price starts at Rs. 3.10 lakh.

Cars have become a necessity in today’s world. The above-mentioned cheapest cars are a few great options if you are looking to buy your first car. These cars have a low price tag as well as maintenance cost. You can get detailed information and on-road prices of these cars at


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