How To Get Rid Of Lockjaw Effectively


How To Get Rid Of Lockjaw Effectively

Imagine that one day you opened eyes and you could not open your mouth yawn in the early morning. On the plus side, you might not open your mouth to brush your teeth, drink a glass of water, or eat breakfast.

Are you fearful? If yes, then you get a painful situation which is called lockjaw, and it could become the highest scared scenes when you do not know the reason why you have it. How to get rid of lockjaw? Chances are, if you are reading this article, you have discovered many of ways to solve the lockjaw condition right away.

The explanation of a lockjaw condition to understand how to get rid of lockjaw

Lockjaw is an untidiness which prevents the mouth open because of the muscle spasms. If you have pain or the tension, then you could have a lockjaw disorder. In general, lockjaw is proportionately inoffensive, but it might develop a dangerous situation in the joint and surrounding muscles.

The reasons why you have a lockjaw

1.    Tetanus disease

One of the most reasons for the lockjaw condition is getting tetanus in a long period of contamination that causes a possible death. Tetanus has some phases, and the lockjaw appearance is also one of the strongest stages in this frequency.

Nonetheless, you have a lockjaw does not mean you get the tetanus infection because a lockjaw also has other problems in the oral or mandible position.

2.    Soft-tissue inflammation

On the one hand, the soft-tissue swelling comes in your mouth also leads to a lockjaw condition.

Why do you have the soft-tissue inflammation? Because you use many activities that are related to the mouth or you have to chew many times during a day like chewing the gum.

3.    Other causes

You sometimes have a lockjaw because of the joint untidiness. For those who have fevers, oral diseases or other syndromes also express a lockjaw development.

Additionally, the muscles in the jaw have become exhausted or eroded due to the tissue inflammation and weakness. So, the muscles could not freely move in your mouth, and a lockjaw happens.

How to get rid of lockjaw by applying these treatments

It is the most important part you should know how to get rid of lockjaw when you do not have the Tetanus disease or the soft-tissue inflammation due to the medical experiment.

Take the massage therapy

To reduce the lockjaw pain, you should choose the neuromuscular massage remedy as the muscles will be relaxed at the highest level.

Nonetheless, it has been undertaken by a professional therapist as the friction might have a negative impact on your nerves, muscles, joints, and bones.

On the flip side, this massage therapy does not only cut down the muscles pain, but also it could improve the blood pressure and create the oxygen for the blood flow.

Do the head-sliding exercise

Head-sliding exercise is the best exercise for treating the lockjaw disorder as it will make the jaw movement could greatly move.

You sit on the high back of a chair and do not forget to close your mouth. Then, you open out the thumb from hand and extend the index finger of another hand. After that, you place a finger in front of the chin and slide the chin slowly to open your mouth along the backward of the mouth.

Please keep in mind that you should switch the lower jaw move under the upper and repeat this motion about five times to get the best consequence.

Use the cold or hot packs

Cold and hot packs are one of the famous home remedies to decrease the lockjaw condition. With the cold packs, you are able to use the ice packs to put them into your jaw, and the jaw pain will immediately turn down.

Similarly, hot bags and moist warm towel are the instant hot packs you might prepare at home and apply them to the jaw pain position. Do not forget to apply these packs about three times per day and waiting for 15 minutes to place the packs.

Consider the physiotherapy

Physiotherapy treatment is vital to handle the lockjaw condition, but the therapist is the only one to know how to undertake the right methods. He or she will help you how to get rid of lockjaw by practicing the jaw movement and doing specific workouts.

These exercises not only cut down your symptom promptly but also they could prevent the potential lockjaw for an extended period with appropriate levels for your health.

Decide the dental surgery

You might be amazed that wisdom teeth could crash into the lockjaw pain as you do not pay attention to these teeth. Therefore, whether wisdom teeth wake up or not, you should consider the dental surgery to remove them before they are taken out.

Create the soft and chewable diets

This solution could also add on the how to get rid of lockjaw list as it is crucial and critical for us. It is a nightmare to eat solid foods as your jaw could not move or even if your mouth cannot open.

Therefore, you should make many soft diets through the lockjaw treatment period by utilizing soups, porridges, dairy products, etc. Furthermore, you could drink more juices to ensure the nutrition to balance your immune system during a lockjaw time.

Useful tips for avoiding lockjaw

Although lockjaw is an annoyance frequency, you enable to evade it by drawing attention to some points.

Do not chew quickly

If you do not chew foods precisely, then you could have an instant lockjaw. So, you should spend the time to chew all foods to diminish the pressure on your jaw.

Cut down the stress and pressure

Once you have the stress or the pressure, you will have the Temporomandibular joint due to the chatter, and especially it happens when you are sleeping.

Get the Tetanus vaccine

As you are known, Tetanus disease also causes a lockjaw. Thus, you should prevent the risk of this disease as well as the lockjaw infection by getting the vaccine.


How to get rid of lockjaw could not a daunting task if you know the causes and the solutions to solve this issue. You ought to apply the home remedies to cut down it, but you need to ask a doctor to check your frequency. If you have a serious disorder, then your doctor might recommend a medical treatment for you.



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