Honda Excell 2500 Pressure Washer Parts


Among a high-quality pressure washer, you can sound away dirt and trash, but if the pump has lost, you need to think to buy a new one. The pump is necessary because it’s what creates the pressure required to get the job finished.

Various top pressure washer pumps are intended as replacements, and already installed, they can begin sending pressurized water in a hose and allow you to complete the job.

When buying for these stocks, you have some broad types to prefer from, and you can go among a triplex, axial cam or wobble pump.

The highest pressure that the pump is able of is an important feature to think because some jobs need significantly higher pressure than others. Before picking on a product, you should always monitor to get sure it’s fit with your pressure washer.

Most common pumps are designed to provide generators from most major labels, and as long as you know what to watch for, you can save money and avoid problems.

Honda excel 2500 pump will work with pressure washers from many different brands. With the highest pressure rating of 2500 PSI, this pump goes well with EXCELL and GENERAC motors. If you’re watching for a replacement pump because your OEM pump failed, this product can get you back to go.

This is an Original OEM honda excel 2500 Pressure Washer Pump with pressure release valve. honda excel 2500 PSI 3/4″ horizontal cylinder pump. Hole distances: 2-5/8″ center to the city between outer corners. 1-7/8″ from center hole to outer holes. Pump comes pre-oiled.


  1. It includes a metal head which gives it more strength than other pumps.
  2. This 2500 PSI pressure washer pump fits maximum ¾ inches horizontal crank engines. It also fits so many brands as same as Generac, Blackmax, Karcher, -Craftsman, Briggs & Stratton, Powerstroke, and Honda. So, no fitting problems with this machine.
  3. 2500 PSI pressure washer pump. So, you are getting a proper pressure and GPM from this machine.
  4. The oil of this pump is now installed. So, you don’t possess to install or change the oil in it.
  5. Includes Thermal release valve. It also includes a substance injector and garden hose reels. As a result, you will be able to inject chemical with this pump.


  • This 2500 PSI pressure washer pump is elementary to install.
  • Able to produce more GPM and pressure than any other factory pump.
  • The faster product, but produces lots of noise too.
  • May harm your car paints if you use maximum pressure.
  • You are getting this at a low price.
  • Fits with so many pressure washer pump brands. So, no tension for its fitting.


  • More power means more risk. So, you need to control it carefully.


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