How To Choose The Best Pillow For Neck And Shoulder Pain


Shoulder Pain

It is a nightmare to wake up in the morning with a neck and a shoulder pain at the same time. You do not only get a prompt pain around two areas in a short period but also it could last the rest of your day that is going to be an upward fight like headaches and a foggy mind.

The list goes on an extra mile. Do you know the reason why you get these sores? Only your pillow cause this problem that you might not pay attention. Thus, finding the best pillow for neck and shoulder pain right away is necessary for you.


Understanding of neck and shoulder pain

In general, we often blame neck and shoulder pains comes with the mattress after waking up in the morning. The truth is a pillow causes these issues silently, or you probably get the wrong positions. The answer to these problems is easy because your neck and your shoulders contain several muscles, tendons, cartilage and small bones which are the main center of your spine.

On the flip side, neck and shoulders also connect to other parts of your body, and they are responsible for securing other anatomy parts such as the central nervous system or the connection between a head, a neck, and shoulders.

More specially, the nerves could move up and down from your brain and other body parts as well as the spine controlling in the cervical column.

The neck and shoulders are one of the most endangered to take the pain and the numbness in this cervical column during a sleepy night. Therefore, to prevent the potential pain and the stiffness, you need to have an appropriate pillow that enables to keep your head, neck, and shoulders in a straight line.

Some characteristics of the best pillow for neck and shoulder pain

Because pillows have different varieties of sizes, shapes, materials, thickness, and evenness that you may come across in the market. Therefore, you need to consider some features of the best pillow for neck and shoulder pain before changing a new one.

1. Block up the gap between your neck and back

To avoid of the neck and the shoulder pain, you should find an appropriate pillow which blocks up the distance between your neck and back. This feature is significantly important for those who always have the sleepy side position.

2. Increase the durability

When you get the suitable pillow for you, you absolutely want to use it over an extended period of time. However, a new pillow should take time to adapt the friction from your head and lift your head to increase the durability.

On the one hand, you should replace a new one after using a few months as it could get the negative point for your sleepy position.

3. Reinforce your sleepy position

Each of persons has different positions while sleeping, so you also need to select a right pillow relying on your sleeping style. If you do not know about your sleepy style, then you could ask another person to help you discover the correct one.

Someone might have the both sides, the straight and the back while others could get the stomach one. A soft and lightweight pillow is a suitable option for those who get the stomach style although it does not recommend as it could lead to the pain in your neck and shoulder.

4. Draw attention to the shape

Curved pillows are one of the most popular products which you could see in the current market as they are suitable for the shape of your neck and shoulders to get in a right line.

Your head and the neck area might be difficult to lie on a flat surface without getting pain, so a good pillow like a cervical one completely could solve this issue quite well. It might fill the gap between your neck, shoulders and the mattress as well as the assisting you need during the night.

5. Remove the toxic chemicals and the metals

An upright pillow does not contain the metals and the toxic chemicals like the lead and the mercury that could harm for the users.

Whether you are allergic these substances or not, you should still pay attention to these elements in a pillow. So, the reputation manufacturers do not utilize those properties even if they might gain more profits from the dangerous substances.

Materials to make the best pillow for neck and shoulder pain

1. Memory foam

The memory foam is one of the best endurable materials which is soft, strong and caring enough in a necessary pillow.

2. Natural latex foam

The natural latex foam is an excellent replacement of the memory foam material so that you might choose this material if you could not find the memory foam one. However, the latex also has the drawbacks which you need to take into account is it is quite expensive, heavy and bulky.

3. Gel or gel-infused

These materials have one unique feature that you want to use in the hot conditions or the summer as they have the cooling elements to help the head skin breathe.

4. Cotton

For those who have the stomach position, you are lucky to opt a pillow with the cotton material as it will make the pad is mushy to boost your head. Nonetheless, this material is not endurable for a while usage.

5. Feather

Feather pillow will make you feel snug during a sleepy time, but it is not suitable for those who are allergic to this material or have other allergies.


Choosing the best pillow for neck and shoulder pain is a crucial purchase for everyone to get a better sleep at night, especially for those who experience the pain in two positions after taking up. It is not an awkward task if you explore your sleeping style, your needs and some criteria that we have mentioned above.


Author Bio: JASMINE HE

Being interested in health and beauty as well as having a strong desire for the well-being, I have a broad knowledge of this area after having the patience to learn and experience it for a couple of years. Along with my current education job, I have now been working as a freelance writer on health and beauty.


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