How To Find The Right Zonnepanelen Installateur In Gent?


The world is becoming aware of the savings that renewable energies allow us and the benefits that besides environmental care represent. Among the most accessible systems for generating electricity for residential PV systems are. These systems have both economic advantages and techniques to be installed at home. Now, if you’re determined to install a generating system in your home, you will probably have several questions, including how to decide for the Zonnepanelen installateur in Gent, since the installation of solar panels is not as modest as just putting on the roof.

Here Is A Guide To Finding The Right Zonnepanelen Installateur In Gent

  1. Why Look For A Zonnepanelen Installateur?

If you are thinking of installing a photovoltaic system on your house, the first thing has to be clear is that these systems are distributed electric power generation. This means that you will have a small power plant under its responsibility. Therefore, you are responsible for the proper functioning of the system, to ensure that power consumption does not exceed its capacity, security, and perform maintenance and repair as required.

Installing solar panels is not so simple It will be necessary to install a suitable structure, additional wiring and location of the panels is key to an efficient system. So it is best left to professionals.

At the time of search and hire the solar installer must take into account some considerations since the installation of these systems requires handling items that require proper handling to get optimum results. Accordingly, the minimum that should be required installers, when submitting a quotation for the realization of a project, is that they are specialists.

  1. Offer Guarantee Both Their Work And The Components

We must ensure that the inverter is covered by at least five years and the panels 10. For other components guarantees are variable. However, it is also necessary to require a guarantee facility. A certificate will not fail if solar panel was installed properly, but we consider it manufacturer, not the solar installer who offers such a guarantee. It should also be clear what kind of warranty * refer dealers, since a common mistake is to confuse the guarantee generation product warranty, giving misinformation to customers.

The product warranty refers specifically to the product will be free from defects in materials and assembly work under normal conditions. This warranty is usually for 10 or 12 years. On the other hand, it guarantees specific generation that, under ideal conditions of solar radiation (1,000 watts / square meter), the solar module will produce at least 90% of its nominal power during its first 10 years and at least 80% for the next 15, giving a total of 25 years.

  1. Comply With The Agreed Time

An important part of the design is to consider the time required. Wiring and installation usually take about two to three days maximum. It is also necessary in the case of interconnected systems process before the Federal Commission of Electricity installing a bi-directional meter that allows to pay surplus energy production, thus reducing the monthly amount of electricity bill, which takes about 2 weeks on average (the procedure is done in a few hours, but you must wait for the meter change is made to start up the system).

  1. Install And Take Responsibility For It

The main failures panels and accessories are due to improper installation; there is staff is not properly trained or inexperienced who venture to experience the guarantees and compromising the integrity of the roof.

  1. Expect Good Service And Customer Support

The other highlight is when a case of failure occurs, most often the installers do not have the economic or moral capacity. To respond to technical negligence, even if you have bought the most recognized brand in the market is not a guarantee that fence to be installed correctly, this is where you have to know the difference between the brand and the solar installer.

  1. Expect Good Recommendations

Like any other service or product proven successful cases always speak for themselves about the quality of work offered.

  1. Provide Maintenance Service

Finally, remember that you need to perform maintenance of solar panels, though not overly complicated. In principle, just that you check that everything works correctly. Sometimes, solar panels may, for example, be broken by the effect of hail, or dirty because of depositions of birds. A dirty solar panel loses about 40% of its performance. To ensure that your investment pays off, it is best to give proper maintenance to each component when required. With proper care, the life of the panels can be quite high to its guarantee; can expect a good panel last 30, 35 or even 40 years.

If you have questions about the complexity and time required, it is best to ask your Zonnepanelen installateur in Gent and verify if it is not possible to perform on your own or inform if they perform and cost the same. Now that you know what the necessities are to be met by a good solar installer compares and find out, for the installation of your photovoltaic system meets the goals that you have raised.

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