The lederhosen and all its counterparts (shirt, socks, and hat) originally were not just work clothes for most of the people in Central Europe, but especially for people in the mountain regions of Switzerland, Austria, Italy, and Bavaria. Budhosen are shorter variations of the lederhosen, made out of thick authentic deer leather and they are virtually indestructible. These shorter versions were perfect for day-to-day tasks farmers carried out in the Alpine regions. Today, any lederhosen store you visit has these versions in different styles, colors, and designs.

As more people moved to cities in the early 19th Century, wearing these rough clothes became something not so cool for daily use. The lederhosen soon disappeared, only to soon experience a renaissance in the early 1880s that recasts them as the leading source of Bavarian pride today.

The Reasons Why Lederhosen Declined in Bavarian Fashion

The reasons for declines in lederhosen are complex; however, it all actually boils down to a fetishization of the local working class by the nobility (all thanks to King Ludwig II) and increasing interests in the variations of these national costumes. Often, this is a creation of myths and the marker of the pro-self-rule sentiments across Europe.

In simple words, there was a decline in the fashion of lederhosen due to one prominent reason, which was because the elite class looked down on the lederhosen costume. A time came when the richer class regarded the lower working class as peasants or people who were not up to their standards.

However, in modern days, wearing lederhosen is something quite normal for Bavarian men who attend church, weddings, or a simple walk around town during Oktoberfest. It’s more of a symbol of the local pride and a marker for the difference between the people of Bavaria and the rest of the German countries. Somewhat like Texans, wearing their cowboy hats and boots even if they decide they will never set their foot on the ranch!

Lederhosen: An Iconic Fashion for Oktoberfest

Today, the real deal of the LederhosenForSale available in different stores is not only about keeping old traditions alive. Wearing lederhosen when visiting Bavaria or Munich for Oktoberfest is not necessarily about just wearing the costume for the sake of it, it is something fun!

As you may already know, Oktoberfest is a festival that takes place annually in Munich, as well as other parts of the globe. It’s a festival that’s about drinking beer, spending some quality time with your loved ones and diving into delectable German meals. What makes lederhosen special is they come in several lengths, so the first thing you have to decide is whether you want short ones (the bundhosens) or the mid-length, over-the-knee or other variations. Usually, younger men choose to wear the shorter ones.

Lederhosen feature embroider pair of leather (deerskin) trousers, suspenders (either H-shaped or “M” shaped), and a checkered or plain shirt. Usually, they cost well within range and people from all over the globe add these to their shopping carts to make a new fashion statement each time they attend Oktoberfest.

Of course, if you choose to wear bundhosens, you can’t wear these alone. You need loferls (two piece woolen socks), Haferls (leather shoes), and other accessories like felt hats featuring Gamsbart (more like an inverted tuft of bushy hair) or flowers to complete your Bavarian look. You could also add a chic look to your look with maybe a well-styled mustache!

Regardless of which city or country you live in, if you are searching for quality lederhosen to wear on Oktoberfest, take your time and search for the best ones available in many stores online.


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